16521598_10154100018877041_1703460900_nMy name is Matthew Leung. I am a recent Biological Sciences graduate with zero experience in journalism. Definitely a fan first and foremost, and a mediocre commentator of the game second. However I am here to express my opinions on current events around the NBA. Hopefully I do not embarrass myself but what the hell, here goes nothing.

I am aiming to generate content on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, mainly about current events pertaining to the NBA, but not limited to just on-the-court topics. Of course, there will be semi-regular Raptors content as well (got to support the home team).

What you should expect from each post will be a combination of my opinions, backed with statistical evidence and research in literature (if applicable). I encourage you to voice your opinions as well, especially if they challenge mine. But as a reminder, let’s keep discussions on topic and refrain from ad hominem attacks.

Happy reading!

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